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A sample collection of commissioned work completed for either editorial or commercial purposes. Each commissioned project is unique, please inquire for more details. I'd love to learn more about your event and/or project! Sincerely, Jennifer Langille (If you are looking for a particular event, or example of work, please inquire as I do not have all my work listed publicly and will share access to archived collections on request.)

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  • Kids Adventure Games
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    Event Website: The Kids Adventure Games™ offers kids, ages 6 through 14, the opportunity to experience the thrill of adventure racing. The races emphasize teamwork, problem solving, sportsmanship, environmental awareness and fun. The kids cross the finish line, muddy, sweaty, smiling and full of pride. The intent of the Kids Adventure Games™ is to be challenged yet have fun, be determined, develop good character, sportsmanship, teamwork, build grit and resiliency, be able to think on your feet and finish the day with a smile. What the Kids Adventure Games™ creates is an exceptional kid’s event with far reaching, lifelong lessons. Event Website:
  • Darkside Snowboards
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  • Fox Horn Farm
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  • Acroyoga
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  • Waitsfield Telecom Stock Photography